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How To Delete Duplicate Files Mac

You may find your Mac slow and running sluggishly. As usual when we find our PC running comparatively slow then we think that there is attack or invasion of viruses. Considering the viruses and spyware we run a good antivirus application. Unfortunately we do not get the expected result. It is not the viruses that are making you Mac run slowly. There may be duplicate or unwanted files that developed on your Mac. These duplicate files are unwanted files that not only occupy unnecessary space but also slow your Mac performance. Duplicate files may develop in your MP3 files, iPhoto, Mac hard drive, etc.

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Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later - Full Leopard and Snow Leopard compatibility

Download: Tidy Up! is a complete duplicate finder and disk tidiness utility.

For instance you try to run any application and it takes comparatively longer than before then it becomes frustrating and annoying. As such you need to remove duplicate files Mac. Duplicate files are not easy to remove manually. Let us consider our music files if there develop duplicate songs and if the count is in thousands then it is not easy to remember all the duplicate files and remove them. For removing duplicate files you need to take help of professional application. There are so many applications available for removing duplicate files on Mac. Tidy up for Mac is powerful and efficient applications that easily find and delete duplicate files Mac.

The application is with amazing features that easily finds duplicate files and offers varied options for finding duplicate files as name, date created, size, date modified, etc. the application is with easy steps and user friendly interface. One can use this application without any technical assistance. With the use of this application you can easily delete duplicate files Mac and improve your Mac performance. You will find the increased performance of your Mac in addition you get your drive with out any duplicate files. Let us have look over the easy steps for deleting duplicate files on Mac.

Step1: in the first step as soon as the application is launched it lists the duplicate items. The application generates list of mounted volumes and default folders. Now click on checkbox search location.

A second window opens up showing the results

Step2: in this step you get the list of generated files, select the one you want to manage. The tool sorts all the found items using a basket system. This is the virtual representation of a container.

If you opted for multiple location search then application creates a labeled basket for each searched location.

Smart basket stores all item which has to removed or delete.

Step 3: it is the last and final step offering burn, copy, move, and trash, substitute the items with aliases, add a colored finder label and export the chosen items.