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How to delete the duplicate photos from Macbook

Is your system running slow? Duplicate image files can be a reason. The same as duplicate music files get their way into the music libraries, Duplicate photos seems doing the same in image collection. According to a survey most of the users 20 – 30 % disk space is filled with unnecessary duplicate image files. And the most common fault is human error. In most of the cases, people copy the same photo file many times on different locations of a Macbook. This increases redundancy and captures very precious disk space.

  Price: $33.00

Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later - Full Leopard and Snow Leopard compatibility

Download: Tidy Up! is a complete duplicate finder and disk tidiness utility.

Whatever the cause, duplicate photo files sure are infliction. And, thus it is very necessary to clear duplicate photo in macbook. However, there are several ways to clear duplicate photo in macbook to free up your precious disk space and speedup your Macbook. Fortunately, you have both manual as well automatic ways to resolve this issue. However, manual methods are not generally advisable because they take a lot of time and needs more attention of a user to avoid faults like accidental deletion of some important image files that are not duplicated. Manually a user has to find each duplicate files and delete them one by one. So, as its alternative you can use software that are built for doing that particular task. One of the best known software that is used widely by the users to clear duplicate photo in macbook is Tidy up for Mac.

Tidy Up for Mac is a great software that automatically finds duplicate photo or image files on Macbook and asks a user to choose some action. Its a very easy to use utility that can be used even by a kid and not only this it comes with some more great features:-

  1. It allows users to search for duplicate folder according to categories such as name, date of creation or modification and all others.
  2. Supports iPhones, iPods, iTunes and mailboxes.
  3. It's highly advanced algorithm makes searching faster and saves user's precious time.
  4. Runs on all Mac OS.

Using Tidy up for Mac is interesting and easy, thus it is being used by thousand of Macbook users worldwide. Clear duplicate photo in Macbook easy and effectively without loosing any of your other impoartant file.